Don Le Bon


Hi. I’m Donnet. Thats said like the 80s tennis brand, Donnay.

I live predominantly in Cape Town, South Africa with my husband, Dario and dog, Solo. I am a model and actress – and because of the nature of my work I get to travel across the world.

This blog was born from my love of pictures mostly. Here you can read about things that I like talking about. About travels and art and fashion and food and little nothings. I talk only about things that genuinely reflect my taste and lifestyle. Things that work.
I try give credit to all picture owners, and so if you like a picture that I have taken, please ask to use it first. If you are the owner of any media on here and I haven’t given credit where credit is due; or you would like to have your content removed – just let me know.



Please contact me for any info regarding sponsorship and advertising. I would love to hear about your brand.


Oh, and if you ever feel like being inspired, visit me here.