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here to stay

By On August 24, 2015

It is time to embrace everything local. From eating to travelling. I want to encourage everyone to look at places closer to home for their annual getaway. Not only will it be… Read More


the ancients

By On August 3, 2015

Ever wondered what Cleopatra used to keep her skin looking oh-so good (she definitely had some good skin!)? I was wondering the same thing. So, I did a little research on what… Read More


the skinny

By On May 13, 2015

Its been long. And there are numerous reasons why. Actual reasons – not ones that don’t count like: I didn’t know what to write about; or I was just so gloriously busy.… Read More


eat yourself younger

By On October 28, 2014

Its summer. Its beach time and therefore it also means its time for berries. Berries have LOADS of anti-oxidants in them which ultimately means that you can eat yourself younger. There is… Read More


food influences

By On May 26, 2014

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Cape Town is welcoming winter right now which means everyone is walking around with some sort of sniffle or cough. Today I’m gonna tell you… Read More



By On January 25, 2013

Eating organically grown food is one of my new years resolutions. Now, laws regarding organic produce in South Africa are still a little shifty. Anyone can sell their wares and slap a… Read More


food for one

By On January 21, 2013

Welcome to a brand new feature here on brand new alabama eyes: Its called food for one. The reason I started this segment is because I travel a lot and I often… Read More


round up

By On June 5, 2012

So its weekend round up time. This is when I tell you about all the wonderful things I did this weekend, you get jealous and then wish you were in my shoes.… Read More


to eat

By On September 8, 2011

So like I said… I was going to be writing an article for friends of mine at Here it is: read it, don’t read it, whatevs. No… please read it. Thanks.… Read More


a food story

By On September 2, 2011

Let me introduce you to a little love of mine: FOOD. Food meet the blog people. I cannot say that my love for food started way back before I can remember because… Read More