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By May 26, 2014 food

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Cape Town is welcoming winter right now which means everyone is walking around with some sort of sniffle or cough. Today I’m gonna tell you a little about how I ward off getting ill, and how much I believe food plays a role in keeping healthy.

I find it really helps to do a mini detox (only lasting a week) every month in winter. I say mini detox, because you don’t want to be doing some sort of master cleanse in the middle of winter which could compromise your immune system. So, think juice and soup for a couple days and steamed veg and rice only. You get the idea. This will help clear your system out on a monthly basis so you can start afresh and keep focused during the winter months.

I have been obsessed with a couple food blogs and Instagram accounts over the past couple months and they have really changed the way that I see food. I’m all for a little indulgence – you cannot take my wine away from me! – but a daily reminder, in amongst my friends photos, of juices, smoothies and superfood salads helps me keep focus and gets me really inspired about what is good for my mind and body. You’ll notice down below that I have added a detox recipe from each blog. Use them, I’ve used them – or find others that work for you.

So here are my top 5 food influences for this month – and the best part is that bar one, you can follow them all on Instagram:



Love her or hate her, Gwyneth has it going on.

Goop is an all-rounder. Winning at everything from top travel tips to 5-minute exercise routines, detox recipes to online yoga-wear shopping. This lady knows what she is doing, and she has a host of collaborators, doctors, scientists and fashion designers behind her. The recipes on the site are easy to follow and photographed beautifully. I was a reluctant visitor at first – but it was a spring detox recipe that got me hooked.

Detox: Ginger and scallion soup



The Minimalist Baker
Be prepared for mind-blowing baked goods.

I found this wonderful site on Instagram. And anyone that follows any foodie people on Instagram will tell you, there’s a lot of them out there! But, when a picture of a no-bake, 7-ingredient vegan cheesecake was uploaded I was sold. This blog is all about FOOD. These recipes are for those of you that don’t want to spend time slaving away in the kitchen – they are super quick, and super simple. Also I just made the Peanut butter mousse cups this weekend. And YES!

Detox: Hide your kale smoothie



The Brown Paper Bag
The life coach that you could never afford.

Jacqueline Alwill is a proper nutritionist and she uses this to help you live your life more holistically. She writes for Russh online – so you can get a weekly dose of fashion and beauty all at the same time. If I lived in Australia I would throw parties just so that I could get Brown Paper Bag to cater for me. This blog is the ultimate health guide. Theres even a kids section for the moms out there. So, when you are feeling like you don’t quite know where you should be going – get yourself here.

Detox: Super Juice


Super food kings.

Ever wondered who brings most of our super foods into South Africa? Well, it’s these guys. Pioneers in the industry in this country, they are the ones to follow if you are looking for ways to up your diet ante. I am a pretty solid believer in super foods. I eat most of them every morning in what I like to just call a ‘Bowl’. The health benefits of all these strangely named products are countless. Just go through this site to learn a little more if you don’t know the difference between super food and super size.

Detox: The entire site is pretty much a raw detox heaven.



My New Roots
A person who eats.

Sarah Britton doesn’t like labels. She isn’t vegetarian, vegan or any other ‘arian’. This blog is honest, and so easy to follow. The pictures are awesome, I mean she has won blog awards. She is good at what she does, and she loves what she does. Please do yourself a favour and eat her abundance bowls – they are the best things. EVER.

Detox: The ultimate detox tea

All images from corresponding Instagram accounts/blogs.

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